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research topic

Unique Economics research topics

Today our weekly submission of research topics presents the  Unique Economics research topics.


One important rule when viewing, reframing, using or stealing these topics- I ‘ll bet i caught you in the act there.

Please understand that these topics are uniquely composed and can be used by the public. Our advice is that you modify the […]

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10 unique political science dissertation topics


10 Unique political science dissertation topics all for you

Here is our weekly dissertation topic for inspirations- 10 unique political science dissertation topics :



R2P as a global principle? A case study of Northern Nigeria humanitarian crisis.


Russia’s diplomatic standoff against the West. Powerplay, Geopolitical remapping or a New Ideological war?


Reviewing the Politics of EU membership Accession- a […]

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10 Unique MBA dissertation topics for inspiration

10 Unique MBA dissertation topics for inspiration

In our series about finding a unique research topic, we promised giving you fresh topics on a weekly basis. Today, the

unique topics are for those preparing to write their MBA thesis or dissertation. As we all know- writing a dissertation or thesis is not a childs play.

Some students […]

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How to find a reliable and unique research topic

Writing a thesis, dissertation, term paper or research paper takes more thinking, time, research and diligence.

Thesis or dissertations normally require a genuine,reliable or unique topic. But many students conduct their research or thesis without thinking of the value their topic offers to the readers or personal/career goals.

A strange perspective regarding students finding out if […]

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