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Monthly Archives: February 2015

10 Unique MBA dissertation topics for inspiration

10 Unique MBA dissertation topics for inspiration

In our series about finding a unique research topic, we promised giving you fresh topics on a weekly basis. Today, the

unique topics are for those preparing to write their MBA thesis or dissertation. As we all know- writing a dissertation or thesis is not a childs play.

Some students […]

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How to find a reliable and unique research topic

Writing a thesis, dissertation, term paper or research paper takes more thinking, time, research and diligence.

Thesis or dissertations normally require a genuine,reliable or unique topic. But many students conduct their research or thesis without thinking of the value their topic offers to the readers or personal/career goals.

A strange perspective regarding students finding out if […]

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Students guide on how to avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism a long term stalker

Plagiarism is a hot topic or issue in the 21st century. Students, journalist, politicians and  other professionals have been hunted for plagiarism.

It is crucial to revisit what plagiarism is about and how it can be avoided at all cost.
The best advice we could offer students simply is to take their […]

Programming your mind for success

It’s not late to programme your mind for success. Why count yourself as a failure? Have your grades been woeful of late or they don’t match your expectations?

Listen now to programming your mind for success.

In case you need inspiration, consultations for your dissertation, essays, research proposal. Contact us today for help.

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How to write a college essay


While writing a college essay could prove difficult for some students, some others have mastered the art of writing college essays. Here we would present you several tips to consider while writing your college essay.

A rule of thumb when writing an essay, college papers or writing college essays for admission is to keep it […]

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Top 10 dissertation writing tips: choosing the right supervisor

One of the most important decision students must make before writing their dissertation or  thesis is: choosing the right supervisor to guide them through the dissertation writing process.

While many students simply choose their supervisors spontaneously, they might find out later on that their choice of supervisor was wrong.

In order to avoid cases of regret or […]

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How to find part time job as a student

There are possibilities of earning some money by having a part time job as a student whilst studying in the university or college. But certain points can improve your chances of getting that part time job:


Language proficiency
Team player/social skills/networking
Proper comprehension of legal regulations regarding student working hours

The above mentioned points are important wherever you […]

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Write my original term paper Solution at A-ZWriters UK


Write my original term paper solution is aimed towards student having difficulties with writing their term paper, assignments or research paper. Since most universities do not have tutoring sessions or mentoring sessions where students learn the art of writing term papers or other academic research paper. A-ZWriters UK custom term paper service aims at […]

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How to write a diploma thesis or bachelor thesis

The diploma is a dying word in the European context due to the Bologna educational process which instead confers the bachelor or master degree to graduate students. But previously most degrees in the European context had the diploma or ‘diplom’ title.

What is a diploma or bachelor thesis?

The diploma /bachelor thesis is a research carried […]

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Student stress: coping with university life

Been a student in the university could be fun, and could also mean you having a lot to do.Simply- you should be expecting experiencing stress and sometimes depression.

But since going to the university is a one time or limited time thing: I suggest you enjoy, socialize and study while in the university.

Though many students […]

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