Top 7 essay writing tips

Why has essay writing become so frustrating to you? Of course writing an essay could be infuriating, or time consuming process, but it certainly must not be an exasperating process or strenuous activity.  This only happens if you do not know the basics of “how to write an essay, that is why we are talking about the top 10 essay writing tips that would make life easier while writing an essay.”

Essay writing tip #1

Brainstorm or research your topic: this requires you to gather crucial documents, sources or books regarding your topic. Though the internet might be the easiest source of research, we do always warn students to desist from using the internet due to plagiarism issues and the authenticity of the source. Essay writing examples as well as free essay writing samples online might not also help you while writing your essay. For peace of mind , desist from using online sources.

Once you are ready for the research / brainstorming session: read the sources all through, jot down important information. Sit down, relax and cogitate, and write down your thoughts.

Essay writing tip #2

Start an analysis of what you have written or jotted down so far. This involves going through your rough draft and putting the points in boxes. This process might help you in figuring out what your thesis is and the questions to be asked in the course of your essay writing.

Essay writing tip #3

Set a timetable or deadline for your essay writing completion. This  would be useful as you write your essay. It is crucial to set milestones and keep your progress in check , remember  time is not your companion while writing an essay. Therefore develop a timetable or deadline which gives you more time to make corrections or seek expert or professional advice elsewhere regarding your essay.

Essay writing tip # 4

Now work on your essay structure.

Writing your essay without an essay structure or essay online is like building a house without foundation. The end result is a confusing , disjointed and incoherent essay. After writing your rough draft with several disjointed ideas, elements and arguments, the next step would be drawing out a structure of what comes first and what appears as the conclusion.

Essay writing tip # 5

Start with a strong introduction.

Your strong essay start should have a strong statement of purpose indicating what would be covered in the essay. Let the reader know what to expect while reading the body of the essay. You could simply reveal the questions the essay seeks to answer. Having a strong introduction for your essay also requires writing in short , simple sentence or easy to comprehend language.

Essay writing tip # 6

Make the body of the essay captivating.

If you do read novels or work of fiction what kept you reading further? Apart from a strong start filled with mystery, interesting events or characters or action, what keeps you reading further is the hook of the novel which keeps you looking for a climax or end.

When writing your essay, make sure that your body is well designed during the creation of your essay outline. Make sure that the points you would be discussing in the body follow a logical, coherent and well laid structure. Keep it short, simple and informative (SSI).

Essay writing tip # 7

Conclusion or recap phase

This is not a section to tie loose up ends. Your body or concluding paragraph is meant for that. Many students confuse a conclusion section as a continuation of the body.  You should already have an idea of your conclusion while drafting your essay structure.

The conclusion section should focus on a recap of main arguments or points disclosed in the body of the essay. 

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