A little SEO and the search engine deceives you

Today’s digital world has necessitated a monopoly of web presence by firms or brand names either by utilizing strong SEO marketing strategy or campaigns.

This has facilitated cheap essay writing services getting the upper edge in the search results.

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Why do students resort to using cheap essay writing solution?

The simple answer many observers, professors, students reveal is laziness. On the contrary, many students are drawn to the use of cheap essay writing solutions for other reasons.

Among those reasons are:


  1. The lack of counseling or guidance sessions in University or college on writing essays, writing dissertations or term papers, research papers and other academic related writing.
  2. The level of language proficiency. If a non-native language speaker of English, German or any other European language gains admission into the university. The very first test of the student’s ability lies in writing term papers, research papers and later on writing the dissertation or thesis. Faced with the uphill task of managing the college or university life, the student seeks help elsewhere. That is where cheap essay writing companies or essay mill sites come into play.
  3. The expensive nature of college or university tuition fee. Since education is becoming more expensive, students investing a lot on their education take a repeat of courses or re-write of a term paper, research paper as a continual weight on their purse or loan agreements.

As such students seek the help of essay writing companies in developing a custom essay writing or custom dissertation writing solution.


While not all students use this services, the danger of using them is far more detrimental compared to just writing your essay and receiving a bad grade.



Why could the use of cheap essay writing services be detrimental to the student?


  • The risk of failing; since essay writing companies are mostly businesses fulfilling a market need (profit maximization). What comes first on the agenda is money. A student investing his /her time, money and putting his/her life on the line for such services might end up getting low quality essay or research paper.
  • The risk of custom essay written paper been plagiarized. The internet makes it easy for lazy essay writers to come up with references easily. Some essay writers do not read the journal or article, research paper they cited online thoroughly. Instead a haphazard or flip through of pages gives them an idea of what they might need and Bingo- words, sentences are constructed. The end product is a plagiarized research paper….if you use cheap essay writing services – ask for a plagiarism report and make sure the plagiarism software is well known and effective.
  • Students could fall into the pit of getting sub-standard papers or unprofessional writers or writers who know nothing about their field of study. As reiterated earlier, the internet is a simple way of doing research for many unprofessional writers.



Deciding whether to use essay writing solutions


If you would ever use an essay writing service or purchase custom essays: be sure you are not the lazy type that just copies and paste whatever you get.

Read through the research paper, do an individual plagiarism scan and if the custom essay meets a high standard. Adopt it only as a template in writing your essay or research paper.


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