Whether it’s working at Burger King or doing a previous volunteer job- show the reader you have a passion for Sociology.

From social inequality, society, media, family to crime, Sociology can be applied in almost every aspect of life. It is simply one of the interesting courses in the social sciences.

It’s admission time and you are about writing a personal statement for Sociology.

Equally, there are certain points you need to avoid while writing a personal statement when seeking admission.



What should you include when writing a personal statement for Sociology?

Three things should be considered while writing your personal statement. They are your passion for the subject, your mission dictated by what you want from studying Sociology and Deliverables in the aspect of what you can offer the university.

Passion: write about the reason, purpose for studying Sociology. Let the reader feel you know why you are studying Sociology instead of Chemistry or other courses. Tailor your personal statement to the department you are applying to – look up the renowned scholars in the department, study their collection of works. Read and show the reader that you have the required analytical skills to study Sociology be mentioning contemporary arguments or findings. Compare theoretical assumptions or facts with real life events, news or your real life work experiences at Burger King, old people’s home, charity organization you previously worked.




Mission: State simply your goals for studying Sociology. It is important you keep it short and simple. But honestly, you need to state your career aspirations and how Sociology would help you in attaining your career aspirations. If you want to be an academic- show the reader your passion for critical analysis, research interests, awards, membership of groups or clubs and mention whatever you have written in the past to wet the appetite of the reader.


Deliverables: Simply show the reader what you are willing to offer the department in exchange for your admission. This might be in terms of your expertise, zeal for research work, new ideas for research or funding. Keep it simple , short and clear.




Silly mistakes to avoid while writing the Sociology personal statement


Long sentences: keep your sentences short and with checks on your punctuation, spelling and use of words. Don’t try to impress the reader with complex vocabulary or words. Keep it easy for a non-graduate or a board director to read. Express yourself clearly as much as possible.


Incoherent thoughts: Make sure you follow a logical flow of thoughts in paragraphs. Start with an introduction and the body should have the passion, mission and deliverables. Your conclusion should also be realistically a summary of what you can offer and prospective or positive remark- showing you are eager to be admitted.


Epistle: Stop for a second- read the instructions regarding the word count for the personal statement. Normally, you are told to write a 1-2 page personal statement. So don’t blow it up by writing an epistle.



The key to writing a sociology personal statement is keeping it short, clear and simple. Good luck and remember if you need help writing your personal statement , assignments, essays, dissertations contact A-Zwriters today.