You might have heard about essay mill companies, essay writing services in UK or dissertation writing services in the past.
I am sure you have heard different contradictory stories ranging from custom essay providers as scam artist among other things.
While those stories might be true, there are some other companies that are secure and safe to use when considering buying your essays or looking for someone to write your essay.

According to some recent research, 90% of students at the university in the UK cheat by using custom essay or dissertation writing solutions.
At A-ZWriters we do not necessarily believe that using a custom essay within the legal confines is cheating.
A custom essay or custom dissertation is just a sample or template on which you can build your own work. We have demonstrated previously on the best way to use a custom essay or dissertation.
Since many anti-custom essays activist argue that students merely turn in the custom written essay. One can seriously argue that such action is cheating and can be punished. But seriously, how many students really do that? If such students exist, they bear the risk of getting caught or worst still suffering from plagiarism.
In some of our recent articles we have discussed the risk involved in using custom essay services. We have also given you tips on how to avoid getting caught or risking your study.

Succinctly, there is nothing bad in using a custom essay or dissertation. Just make sure it is used as a template and not a copy and paste solution.


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