Been a student in the university could be fun, and could also mean you having a lot to do.Simply- you should be expecting experiencing stress and sometimes depression.

But since going to the university is a one time or limited time thing: I suggest you enjoy, socialize and study while in the university.

Though many students complain that studying is stressful, but I am of the opinion that it is a training ground for the labour market. After graduation, getting a job becomes the next target except you are planning of launching a career in the academic.


If you end up getting a job, you would experience everyday stress based on responsibilities, deadlines among others attached to you.

How can you then deal with stress while in the university?

Here are few tips on how to cope with stress while in the university:

  • Planning: many students complain of having a heavy workload, or lectures, hectic timetables and deadlines. If you would like avoiding stress- then it is advisable that you plan ahead. One of the most crucial tips is to be organized. For instance , you should always exploit the breaks you have in between lectures to eat, drink or get fresh air. Planning also includes you taking time at the end of each day to revise what you have learnt. That way you go through your notes, reading list and know what to do.
  • Having a timetable or schedule helps: while many students complain of having little or no time at all in the university is down to having no timetable. A personal timetable or schedule helps you know when or not to commit you to extracurricular activities like partying, visiting a friend, travelling, cooking, and washing among others.
  • Watch what you eat: though most students complain of having little or no money. It is advisable still to stay away from fast foods or dieting. You need food as a student, but instead of eating food that would destabilize your body system in the night or during the day. I suggest you eat early and eat something light in the night. Fruits should be on your shopping list each week.
  • Network: to get the best out of the university and the lectures, your best option is to network. Within your network you’ll find likeminded students or those with similar problems. Talking about those problems is important and if you end up getting depressed due to some extreme situations. Please seek counselling.
  • Party Party!!!: Yes, party, have fun- because you have earned it. While socializing is important, you should however have a timetable or schedule that allows that. You should always remember your first priority is your study.


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