Write my original term paper solution is aimed towards student having difficulties with writing their term paper, assignments or research paper. Since most universities do not have tutoring sessions or mentoring sessions where students learn the art of writing term papers or other academic research paper. A-ZWriters UK custom term paper service aims at helping students through their term paper writing or research paper.

As such the write my term paper service aims at tutoring students on a long term basis. This might involve a repetitive process- where the student is tutored on how to address certain academic questions, literature search, literature use, citation, referencing and bibliography.

We know that many students find writing of term papers as a stressful task bearing in mind the strict deadlines and workload. This is not because they are lazy like many people suggest.

It is simply because they were not trained to write term papers or any form of academic research.

Paying someone to write your essay or delivering a custom essay might be another alternative which is widely popular.

But have you ever thought about plagiarism issues or the essay writers’ writing style or the use of irrelevant sources in your custom essay.

Having this in mind, it is worthy to note that your term paper if well written could be published or you could launch your academic publishing through your term paper. But your term paper must have the following elements:

  • Coverage of the relevant journals , books or literatures
  • Recent discourse with logical arguments or constructive criticisms demanding further research
  • Development of new knowledge or new models or theoretical frameworks to investigate the phenomenon you are investigating
  • Grammatically sound with an easy to follow structure
  • Ability of your discourse to gain followers or critics.



Most students start their academic career by publishing a term paper. Such web portals like academia.edu could be your starting point. But before launching your academic career either as a non-native speaker or native speaker- you would definitely need an academic ghostwriter to help you iron out your strengths and weaknesses and improve on them.

How does A-ZWriters UK write my essay?

At A-Z writers, our approach to term paper writing or our write my term paper service is totally different and can be comprehended through the following process:


  • First, an academic ghostwriter with an extensive knowledge in your field is assigned to you.
  • A professional look at instructions, guidelines and marking guide from your lecturer or academic tutor
  • A collaborative agenda- what needs to be done, when ,how, why, and when would be discussed between the client and the academic ghostwriter
  • An exchange of ideas regarding the sources to be used, how the term paper must be structured, content structure, arguments, positions to take, literatures to use and the scope of the term paper, analytical tools, choice of topic in situations where options are given .
  • Developing an outline or structure alongside thesis statement (which includes introduction, outstanding questions, discussions, analysis, summary and conclusion).
  • Citation style you specify is strictly adhered to (APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, or other forms of citation are discussed with your academic ghostwriter).
  • A-Z writers editing /plagiarism section proofreads your original term paper
  • Complete paper is handed to you- after which you have 7 days for a free revision.
  • You can now follow the sample and write your original term paper, or rewrite this essay



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