There are possibilities of earning some money by having a part time job as a student whilst studying in the university or college. But certain points can improve your chances of getting that part time job:


  • Language proficiency
  • Team player/social skills/networking
  • Flexibility
  • Skills
  • Proper comprehension of legal regulations regarding student working hours

The above mentioned points are important wherever you may find yourself  in the globe. If you are studying in European countries, you need to communicate with the natives. For instance, if you are studying in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Greece or Estonia it is crucial that you learn the language before traveling.

While your language proficiency matters when looking for a job. Your social skills or ability to work with others would be tested. If you are shy, I suggest you visit a therapy to shake that off. If you really want to get a stable part-time job, you would need to be able to network, gain more friends; communicate with the natives who might be able to help.

Soft or hard skills, although frowned at by those who are in the academics seem to be quite profitable. Imagine a local carpenter, IT firm entrepreneur or solar installation technician expert earning more monthly salary than an Assistant professor or even associate professor.

If you have such skills prior to your study, it is crucial that you use them. We live in a world where flexibility alongside multiple skills can be an asset.

As for getting or finding a part time job as a student; please find out about the work regulations of your country of study. Obviously within the European Union, member state students are allowed to work without having a work permit or visa. Although such students must work only 20hrs per week. For foreign students with the status of NON-EU membership- you would need to consult the international office or visa office in your country of study.

What sort of job do i get as a student?

This depends totally on your level of language proficiency and skills. Some students are quite fortunate to work within law firms, business firms or industries. While others do menial jobs like working in the restaurant as waiters, or cleaning up dishes in the kitchen, working in the factory, working in printing shops, cleaning, newspaper delivery among others.

Some others resort to working online: freelance writing, programming, graphic design, copywriting, screenplay writing, animation to mention but a few.

The list of jobs students can get is exhaustive- you can explore any form of jobs within the legal realm. If you need advice or help –don’t hesitate to visit the international student’s office in your university.