While writing a college essay could prove difficult for some students, some others have mastered the art of writing college essays. Here we would present you several tips to consider while writing your college essay.

A rule of thumb when writing an essay, college papers or writing college essays for admission is to keep it short, simple and clear enough for the reader.  Long sentences, lengthy dialogues or explanation of terms are not needed when writing your essay.


Tips for writing college essays

  • Do not look for free essay writing samples online or offline. Your college essay is a personalized essay about you, therefore looking at or copying other essays might be detrimental to you writing a college essay that reflects your personality trait.
  • Take some days or weeks to jot down or research your theme or essay writing topic. This involves brainstorming ‘who you are’ (personality traits) and how they can help you through college. Defining your strengths and weaknesses can be a starting point. But turning all that you have written down into an essay might be an overwhelming task. When you are ready to write, clear your mind and make sure you are in a comfortable environment.
  • Next tip is to write; just keep writing at this stage do not consider editing your mistakes or grammar. All you need do is keep pouring those ideas down on paper. This is your first draft or rough draft , as such your main goal is to get your thoughts on paper.
  • Now that you have written the first draft. Sit down again and develop a clear and concise essay structure for the college essay which involves breaking the essay into three parts: the introduction section, body and the conclusion. The introduction should be a paragraph that introduces what you would be discussing in the essay. The body should have several paragraphs describing your main points while the conclusion gives a short summary of the essay.


How to write an essay introduction tips

If you have gone through the writing college essay tips- the structure of your essay includes an introduction section.

The introduction section for college essays or college papers should be eye catching depicting  a summary of what the reader should expect within the body of the essay. The first paragraph of your essay should therefore be engaging the readers.


Writing an essay introduction therefore requires an amount of due diligence. The first point of call should be going through your draft or first draft once again. Highlight all the crucial points you need to disclose in your body. Do a summary of those points and then try to integrate or summarize them into one paragraph.


If you can successfully do the foregoing, not only would you have written a perfect essay introduction. Your essay introduction is more likely to get the nod over many other applicants to college.

Writing a college essay- body and conclusion sections

Once you have written the introduction of your college essay. The next step is the body of your college essay.

Don’t panic all you need do is go back to your introduction. All you promised explaining or writing in your introduction should now be your next mission. Those promises disclosed in the introduction must appear in your body. Outline those points and pick them one by one using paragraphs to differentiate each point.

When writing the body of your college essay, be conscious of the limited space you have for writing the body. So keep it short and simple , clear enough for the reader.

Finally, your conclusion should explore what you have revealed in the body. A summary or recapitulation of what you have disclosed and how positive they would be for you in college or for the college administrators.


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