Plagiarism a long term stalker

Plagiarism is a hot topic or issue in the 21st century. Students, journalist, politicians and  other professionals have been hunted for plagiarism.

It is crucial to revisit what plagiarism is about and how it can be avoided at all cost.
The best advice we could offer students simply is to take their time while writing. Even when you have a close deadline – make sure you revisit your essay, term paper or research paper one more time.

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Whether you accidentally or intentionally plagiarized- all that counts is you did plagiarize, as such you might be subject to a penalty.
It is better if you fail a course than pass it with plagiarized content. In the long term as we’ve seen in previous public plagiarism affairs. The plagiarism of a decade ago might come back to hurt you massively. In Germany more than 5 politicians were relieved of their position within 2012-2014 all based on plagiarism.
When it comes to plagiarism never be short-sighted or short term minded.


What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is simply using other people’s work or research without giving them credit or citing the source of the work. It could also be copying and pasting a researchers work online or offline and presenting them as your own work.  Even a quote from a tweet, Facebook page, or other social media platforms must be cited. For help on citing or referencing social media pages, you could do search online requesting latest citation style manuals.



How to avoid plagiarism

  • The easiest way to evade plagiarism is to plan ahead. Research ahead, find relevant literatures ahead, list them just like a bibliography. Read through and eliminate sources you might not use. Concentrate on the relevant sources and use the appropriate citation style recommended by the university.
  • Follow a systematic method- which outlines the progress of your research work, dissertation or essay
  • Make sure you have enough time to check your essay, term paper, dissertation. It is easier for you if your essay , term paper, dissertation or thesis is completed a week before the deadline. That gives you the ample opportunity to compare your notes or what you have written with the sources.  This way you get to check all the citations, citation styles and sources.
  • Always keep track of your sources- even if you are writing a first draft. Have a Notepad or word document open and document all your sources as you use them. You might even try doing an in text footnote, numbering the sources as you progress and taking note of each source through numbering in your open Notepad or word document.
  • Make sure you reduce the use of online sources. This is important as many software plagiarisms are built towards scraping and comparing your document with what is online. This however does not mean that you can evade plagiarism by copying and pasting the work of another author in a journal article. You are more likely to get caught using online sources than journal articles. A word of advice is reference properly, cite properly and keep track of your sources.
  • Don’t copy and paste or search for a synonymous source online. If for any reason you lost your document through a computer or system break down- write the essay, term paper once again. Make sure that you save your document after completing your daily writing targets. Easiest place to save such documents is in your email. Gmail offers you the opportunity of creating new folders, uploading your attachments. Other services similar to drop box or other file sharing services might be useful here. You can create multiple emails and keep the password or login details.
  • Make sure you paraphrase right- copying and pasting instead of expressing a quote in your own words might be tagged as plagiarizing. Don’t get lazy or impatient. Make sure that you trackback on your progress.
  • Use multiple plagiarism software’s to scan and compare your document.


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