10 Unique MBA dissertation topics for inspiration

In our series about finding a unique research topic, we promised giving you fresh topics on a weekly basis. Today, the

unique topics are for those preparing to write their MBA thesis or dissertation. As we all know- writing a dissertation or thesis is not a childs play.

Some students even write their thesis, but in the process of writing they get confused of what to write or the structure of the thesis,

lacks logical and coherent flow.
As the MBA dissertation is the final endurance test for a MBA student. So is the finding of a unique dissertation topic.Most MBA students go for a topic that would align with their jobs or career. While some students just pick a random subject or topic to research on.

Below we have unique topics for MBA students planning to write their thesis. You could personalize the case studies as well as the topics.
The 10 unique MBA dissertation Topic

  1. Relationship between work motivation and social enterprise: a case study of Zalando and Justfab in Germany
  2. Has IPTV and card sharing any negative effect on paid TV subscription? Empirical study of card sharing and IPTV businesses in the United Kingdom
  3. The integral enterprise as a vehicle for change: a case study of a startup firm in Nigeria.
  4. The motivation and satisfaction of students towards MBA long distance study at Open University UK.
  5. Luxury goods and consumer behavior: a case study of BMW international.
  6. The impact of electronic newsletters to e-commerce firms- a case study of Amazon and Ebay Germany
  7. Talking about made in Germany, made in China or made in the United Kingdom: An investigation of how national labels affects consumers’ willingness to pay.
  8. An insight into various motivations that influence consumers to shop online.
  9. The influence of culture on global marketing: a comparative analysis of French, German and Canadian Multinational firms.
  10. Investigation into Product Management campaign on Social media-a case study of the power and automation industry.


If you do need help finding a unique MBA dissertation topic- please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.