Essay mill sites and essay ghostwriting sites: a response to society’s demand for success?


From political memoir, whitepapers, speeches, press releases, biographies, autobiography, novels, essays, dissertations to examination papers. Ghostwriters or writers have successfully reduced the stress of top politicians, executives, students and managers.

When Clinton’s 1996 bestseller –“It takes a Village,” was released, the name of the Ghostwriter was not credited.  The Ghostwriter, Babara Feinman Todd who labored for seven months on writing the book complained bitterly. But her complaint fell on deaf ears.

That is the predicament of a ghostwriter – where you sell your right of ownership to the person you are writing for without any credit coming your way. In short, the ownership right is transferred once the final payment is transferred to your account.

Enough of the babbling about ghostwriters, it’s time to take a trip into the world of essay mill sites and academic ghostwriting or essay writing companies.

Essay mill sites and students

What services do essay mill sites that operate online offer? The essay mill sites simply have an archive of past or present thesis, dissertation, essays or term paper written by another student or writer and offer them as examples to students who need them.

This is totally different from custom essays because essay mill sites do not sell custom written essays or papers.  Many essay mill sites tend to be dubious. They scrape the internet for leftovers from universities that have some of their student’s essays or dissertations online.  The scraped content is processed by word editors or software’s that automatically rewrite each sentence and craft a new topic for the essay or paper.

Once this process is complete you have a newly written essay which bears little resemblance to the previous one. This is particularly pernicious and doesn’t uphold any academic standard.

While businesses that supply essays or papers are tagged as unethical by many academic institutions, they do not violate the copyright law. But such services might violate plagiarism considering that essay mill sites don’t deliver custom written essays or paper. They instead deliver old papers, refined or reconstructed paper or old essays written by other students. Many of the essay mill sites claim they are not responsible for whatever the buyer does with the paper or essay.

One thing remains clear that the work is not original and must not be used by a student looking for a miraculous solution.

Controversy surrounding essay ghostwriting companies

While essay mill sites may not be the best solution to learning or seeking help writing an essay. Custom essay writing services or essay ghostwriting services have boomed over the past decade.

These services are 100 percent different from essay mill sites services. They provide custom or model solutions just like when a politician or business executive pays for a speech to be written for him/her or a book to be written.

The difference between a politician’s usage of ghostwriters as against a student’s usage is that a politician virtually operates independently while hiring a ghostwriter. This implies that the politician directly or indirectly has no supervisor or institution scrutinizing his/her investment in a ghostwriter.

Students are however under the auspices of an institution, the university which demands honesty and independent work. While many universities still have problem deciphering if a student has employed the use of an academic ghostwriter or not, it is still dishonest in the academia to use such services.

The controversial part of students using essay ghostwriting services or custom written essays or dissertation services is totally dependent on how they use it.

Some students pay a huge sum of money for these services and don’t see them as a template or example any more to write their own essay, dissertation or paper. As such they take the liberty of converting the custom written essay or paper into their own.

Some students have argued that using custom written essays or dissertations spare them the headache of getting their papers or proposal rejected by the professor several times. Since the belief is that most custom ghostwritten papers or essays are written by intelligent writers in their field or someone with experience or academic superiority – with the end goal been attaining immediate success.

While this might be true and at the same time false, it all depends on the essay writing company and the writers or ghostwriters they have on their payroll.  While the use of such services may be unethical in the academic community, one might revert to the argument of a societal pressure to study or go through the university to make it in life. Fostered by this are other variables such as the cost of studying, the shame of not graduating, the pressure from institution, family and peers and the end goal of succeeding at all cost.

If then students employ essay ghostwriters or custom essay writing companies to complete their coursework , research paper, term paper, or dissertations.  What other angle to the arguments or in support can we extract from the discourse?

If Universities are so expensive, unaffordable for everyone- then those in the society who have little or no way of  funding their way through may revert to the use of such essay writing companies or essay mill sites.

This assertion might not be true as most students engaged in using these services are rich students or those with affluent parents. This is evidenced by the prices been paid for term papers, dissertations, research papers or essays. A minimum of $4,000-6,000 is at stake if you want a complete custom written dissertation.

We live you with the following thought:  Can we heap the entire blame on a learning system that rewards “success on paper /certificates,” rather than “skill based acquisition learning process,” and ability of graduates from institutions of learning to display a high level of competence in the real world?