Today our weekly submission of research topics presents the  Unique Economics research topics.


One important rule when viewing, reframing, using or stealing these topics- I ‘ll bet i caught you in the act there.

Please understand that these topics are uniquely composed and can be used by the public. Our advice is that you modify the topic to your own strengths and specialization.


If you do have any problem or need help. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Here are the Unique Economics research topics for you:



A comparative study of minimum wage across five European countries-is minimum wage a force for good?


  1. Forecasting growth: how can seaport export-import records aid predictions in economics

2. Comparative analysis of  the impact of foreign direct investment flows and human development on emerging markets: case study of Indonesia, Iran,South Africa and Mexico(2008-2012).

3. Women entrepreneurship in Kenya: a qualitative study of the catalyst enabling female entrepreneurship.

4. The impact of a cashless economy in Nigeria: a holistic perspective

5. The impact of contingent workforce in Germany.

6. Measuring the impact of poverty alleviation programmes: an empirical evidence of Nigerian and India a rural household survey.

7.Potential and limitation for measuring quality in the health sector: an investigation of public health management in South Africa.

8. Evaluating the impact of free trade on growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

9. Cross section study on aid to Sub-Saharan Africa

10. The impact of infra debt margins on European economies.

11. Greek debt crisis: restructuring of debt management or maintaining the status quo?

12.Gender responsive budgeting in the European Union.



P.S – some of the topics are broad(or inconclusive scope-or rather not well defined, you have the opportunity of customizing them) while some have been narrowly constructed. Whatever you do with the topics is left to you. But be creative and make sure your redrafted unique economic research topics scope is clearly stated.