Writing a Bachelor, Master’s thesis or dissertation like other academic piece requires a lot of time investment and diligence. You could however write better if you have dissertation writing examples or tips on how to address your dissertation topic.

However, the following top 7  dissertation writing examples could help you.

The following would help you while writing your thesis or during the general process of research:

  • Clarity of purpose, scope and research objectives: when writing a dissertation or thesis at any level be it at Bachelor, Masters or Doctoral level. It is crucial that you put the reader, peer reviewer, professor into consideration. Let the scope of your research be known right from your topic as well as introduction. Concentrate on a narrow topic. It is advised that you desist from using too complex grammar, words or lengthy sentences.  Your dissertation introduction should simply spell out whatever you are going to research on.
  • Critical literature review: You must be able to show the reader that you are conversant with the main literatures related to your research topic. Of course, this implies you constructing a critical web of discourses around several literatures, thereby revealing the authenticity, gap or need for your research. As written initially in one of previous post, you should allocate more time to your literature review. This would help understand your research better and arm you with a weapon that would help in carving out an outline for your thesis or dissertation.
  • Get your methodology right: Instead of trying to impress with your research methods proficiency. It is best if you don’t complicate your life by biting more than you can chew. If you are not vast in quantitative methodology- simply choose a topic that allows you to explore qualitative methodology. If you feel your topic needs a bit of quantitative data gathering – then you must be willing to brush up on research methods. No research methodology is a piece of cake, it is best if you can decide your methodology while reading literatures and preparing your research proposal.
  • Strengthen your findings and analysis section: irrespective of how compelling your introduction looks or literature review. Your research findings and analysis section decide your eventual score. You need to lay down the facts systematically and clearly here. Don’t just jump from one data to another without fully making a logical or sequential end note. Make sure you follow your outline or sit down and redraft a new outline in case you made changes or encountered some differences in between your initial write-up and final write-up.
  • Get your citation style right: Instead of switching in between one or more citation styles. Remain consistent. If your university requires you to use APA or MLA, go to the library or search online for the latest APA or MLA updates. Instead of spending time harboring inconsistencies in citation style or referencing- you are better off ensuring that you achieve a high level of consistency in your final report.


  • Compile a list of your references or bibliography: This should be done for every page you write. For every single source your cite or quote, make sure that you have them saved in a different notepad or word document. Always compare your drafts with the pages written at the end of the day. This would ease you the pain of looking up and down for sources you cited and helps also against plagiarism.
  • Run every chapter of your thesis against plagiarism software: The easiest way to avoid falling for a plagiarism hunt today is scanning your thesis against the most effective and well known plagiarism software out there. Do not take a chance of paying for plagiarism years after your graduation. Just fix what needs to be fixed once you have written your thesis. You should not be in a hurry to submit your thesis with errors and plagiarized sentences all shouting for a penalty against you.


You have invested years in studying –so a research of 4-6 months should not be taken for granted as it is your stepping stone  to the labor market or a new life.

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