No, It is not. The service itself is within the legal boundary, But…….

If you have heard in the past about students or graduates having problems with plagiarism or perhaps not been able to defend their thesis, dissertations, research paper. What comes to your mind at first is –oh they used an academic or essay writing service.

An essay writing service is a valuable guide for students. Not all students can demonstrate the capability of writing a research paper. While some other students can, some other students written academic piece might produce frustrating results. This is where essay writing services , model essays or custom essays come in hand .

The legality of essay writing service

Bound within the ghostwriting sphere- essay writing service or provision of model or custom essays or answers is legal. It is only what you do with the ghostwritten work or academic paper that proves to either go outside the legal boundary or contradicts academic rules and regulations.

For instance, if a student visits A-Writers website and makes an order, after the service is delivered, if he/she decides to copy the delivered paper word for word without using it as a template or guide to write his /her own paper, that might be regarded as cheating. But if the student follows the structural composition of the paper, logical argument and develops a unique set of arguments-then he /she has utilized the custom essay has a template.

What then  is a custom/model essay or dissertation?

A custom/model essay or dissertation is a ghostwritten academic paper or essay that is written for the purpose of guiding a student or the reader to produce his/her paper. While essay writing services do promise to provide such a service. The sincerity of one party adhering to the code  of operation or using the services legally is a source of concern.

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