We have over a hundred professional academic writers, custom essay writers and research consultants working for A-Z Writers.

We believe in quality over quantity , as such our writers or academic essay writers have been proven and tested before they are recommended to us. They have also passed several tests performed by the A-Z Writers recruitment office. Therefore, you can expect your custom essay or any academic research to be written by one of our professional writers.

*****The names revealed here have been changed for the sake of anonymity and confidentiality*****

Meet Some of Our Valuable Team of Professional Writers

Kyle Hibbert
Kyle HibbertWriter
Expert in Molecular biology, medical /agro biotechnology, biology, genetics, microbiology to mention but a few.

I have a BSc in Molecular biology and a MSc in Biotechnology with several field experiences. I am in at the stage of completing my PhD. My research areas range from the impact of stable macromolecular complexes ionic polyphosphazene,redox -cycling or bio based redox analysis and bioinformatics analysis, to Genetic sequence . My research experience ranges from R&D in TLH genes in telomeric/subtelomeric elements,telemore crisis and RecQ Helicases in Trichomaceae.

Melissa Stone
Melissa StoneWriter
Bagged a MSc in Business analysis and Strategic management from famous Manchester business school. I have worked for a top international financial service company as a Business analyst for years.

Apart from that I do have a private consultancy outfit where I conduct market research analysis for firms and conduct different researches on UK financial service market and the international financial markets. I have completed over a hundred freelance academic reports or essays.

Sampson McAllister
Sampson McAllisterWriter
I am a graduate of History and International relations (MPhil Nottingham University). My research areas are Security studies and European politics. Notwithstanding, any other research concentration can be handled by me. I also have a B.A in politics and history with a strong concentration on Mediterranean politics. My strength lies in formulating a strong methodology for your research. I do have a supervisory role experience in overseeing the thesis of Bachelor students as a research associate.
Oliver Hardy
Oliver HardyWriter
I have a MBA in forensic accounting. I have worked on different independent auditing panels as well as for an international firm in the auditing division. After my study in the States and experience gained both in the field and university, I started doing freelance work for auditing firms and writing at my spare time. Though the field of forensic accounting is new, I have extensive research knowledge in managerial accounting, statistics, business management, financial analysis and reporting, and other fields related to business, management or accounting.
Sade Malory
Sade MaloryWriter
A PhD graduate of linguistics with a research focus on intercultural business communication. My knowledge and expertise has given me first class experience in the academic. I have served under different journal peer review panels. My freelance writing experience in my field has been over 6 years and work freelance for A-Z writers. I also have editing, proofreading skills which makes me an asset wherever I work.
Jennifer Hustle
Jennifer HustleWriter
A graduate of the Manchester law school with pupilage and bar exams already completed. I have worked as a junior legal executive before with my specialization in civil law. As a vast reader and a former student; I have completed over a hundred academic essays, legal briefs and several pro bono. As such, anything within the field of law is my interest and passion.